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C-Spec© for Windows®;
Software For the CVI, Ocean Optics,
and StellarNet Spectrometers.
  • Saves spectral data as ASCII text!
  • Overlay multiple spectra on the same scale!
  • CIE, Hunter, LAB, and Color Temperature calculations.
  • FFT smoothing routine!
  • C-Spec Software

    OMNI SPEC was founded in 1993 as one of the first software companies specializing in software for miniature spectrometers. Our first product "C-Spec" for DOS recieved praise from our customers for its ease of use and extensive spectral operations available. These operations included color analysis, reflectance, absorbance, FFT smoothing, thin film measurements and process monitoring.
    OMNI SPEC is a leading spectrometer software company and is known for powerful but easy to use Windows Software and Drivers for Instrumentation. We specialize in software for PC compatible computers. Our expertise covers interfacing to and analyzing data from Spectrometers, CCD Cameras, and Chromatography equipment. Our software includes Color analysis (CIE, LAB, Hunter), FFT smoothing functions, Peak detection, Film thickness measurements, and real time process monitoring. We now also carry a line of Spectrometers, CCD Cameras, and Accessories.

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    • SOEST - Aerosol measurements near Hawaii

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